Louisville Boat Rental LLC

Boat Rental Services

At Louisville Boat Rental LLC, we are focused on providing great services with the highest levels of customer satisfactions and we will do anything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of offering with us. Also look around our website www.louisvilleboatrental.com and get a better idea of what we offer. Fill free to look us up and contact us by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and even email. You can always reach us at our regular business hours. We strive to find the most unique and authentic lodging and activities so that our clients can get a true taste of the community they live in and some visiting. To read stories about what some or our satisfied customers have to say about Louisville Boat Rental LLC, just visit our website!


                   Day      Hours                              

Sunday   9:00am-8:00pm

Monday  9:00am-8:00pm

Tuesday  9:00am-8:00pm

Wednesday  9:00am-8:00pm

Thursday  9:00am-8:00pm

Friday  9:00am-8:00pm

Saturday  9:00am-8:00pm 


Prices of Operations:


$60 per hour

$120 (2) hours

$240 (4) hours

$430 (8) hours


$70 per hour

$140 (2) hours

$(4) hours

$480 (8) hours

**$25.00 GAS FEE**

* The capacity of a vessel is 8 passengers or 1000 lbs

* The boat is SELF- CAPTAIN, Drivers must be 18yrs are older with Valid drivers license

* Passengers are able to bring food and beverages on the vessel

* A FULL Deposit is required at time of reservations

*Deposit are refunded when "Back on Time" without any damages.

* A refund will be given due to bad weather

** HIGHER RATES may apply during HOILDAY's and FIREWORKS dates:

**Children 12yrs and under MUST wear life jackets at ALL times:

Life Jackets are Provided for Everyone!