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Hello, Louisville Boat Rental LLC at your service. We are the newest and only Boat Renting Service in Louisville  Kentucky and surroundings areas. Operating on the Ohio River we bring you 24 foot pontoon vessels. Lots of enjoyment and full of sites to see. When you're looking into a nice outing, there's no better choice than Louisville Boat Rental LLC. We'll suggest fabulous ideas if you're not sure what to do. Looking to relax and do nothing but enjoy gorgeous scenery? We can help you do just that! Looking for excitement, in a big city, in a big city, we can help you accomplish that. Louisville Boat Rental LLC is where you want to be!

Our Products and Services

The flexibility of the pontoons allow food and beverages brought onto the boat. Also their are multiple stops along the river. The pontoon boats are great for bachelor and bachelorette parties, out of town guest and casual after work gatherings. So lets start with your first visit which will have you wanting to come back for more fun. All adult, youth and infant life jackets are included. Contact us at 502-594-2075 (reservations) 502-807-3610 (to learn more about our services).

Product or Service 1

Pontoon Rental Rates

          Deposit: $150.00

* Monday -Thursday*


4Hrs/$180.00 (half day)

8Hrs/$350.00 (whole day)

Product or Service 3

                Weekend Rates:

                *Friday -Sunday*


        4Hrs/$240.00 (half day)

      8Hrs/$480.00 (whole day)

Product or Service 2

      Runabout ( Bow Rider)

         Deposit: $200.00

       * Monday -Thursday*


       4Hrs/$240.00(half day)

      8Hrs/$400.00(whole day)

            * Friday - Sunday*


       4Hrs/$300.00 (half day)

       8Hrs/$600.00(whole day)

Product or Service 4